Saturday, February 17, 2007

So although it has been over a month not a whole lot has changed. I am lame! I have been knitting up a storm - I am almost done a sweater for my roommate - just a little bit left. Also, I have a job interview on Tuesday that I am really nervous for. Other than that my life is the same as always. Oh wait, one other thing, I got a new phone! It is so pretty! Maybe I can include a picture ... let me figure that out. I really like it. I got it pretty cheap too, so that is nice. I really needed a new phone because mine was dying a lot and it was just crap, so now I have a new one. I love it! Not to mention the guy who helped me pick it out in the store was kinda cute, so bonus there! Woohoo. This is the phone:
Another thing that is new is that last week we did a "How to Host a Murder". Here is a pic from that:
It was a way fun time and I think it was probably the best group we have done it with. I enjoyed it immensely - Christina was the murderer (surprise surprise! haha!) and I even had it figured out. Go me. I am a genius!

Also, I am going to include a picture of the couple of things that I have knitted so far. Man I really like including pictures! Here are a few of those.

Wow! Adding pictures is so fun! Anyway, this is the scarf and the afghan (the afghan is on our new leather couch, which is really cool too!)

Well, I will update again later, hopefully I will be able to add more pics of the stuff I have knitted and done. And hopefully I will be able to tell you I got a job. Let's all cross our fingers!