Thursday, February 26, 2009


So, I have been scolded by my friend about how often I update my blog - which isn't very often, I know (although, as far as I can tell, said friend doesn't update her blog very often either, so she is just being a hypocrite lol). Anyway, she is right though - I haven't been updating. I have actually opened to this new post page every day for the last week and then not been able to think of anything blog-worthy and so I just navigated away, sans new post. I guess I just think that my blog should be somewhat interesting so that my readers (all four of them) aren't too bored with it. Although, they might be more bored with no post than a boring new post, I am not really sure. Either way ... I am kinda getting off track here from what I was saying. My point is that she is right, and I know it, so I am going to make an effort to post more - boring post be damned!

So, I have to go to this x-ray class for the next three days instead of work and I am not really looking forward to it. It will be good to have the certification but it will not be fun to sit through the class (I don't think anyway, I could be surprised). And to top it all off, it is all the way out in Clackamas - which is like an hour from here. And it is at 8 in the morning, so I have to fight rush hour traffic. This is really going to suck. Esp since I live about 7 minutes from my job, so I when I have to fight rush hour traffic all it does is make my trip 15 minutes instead of 7, so not really a big deal.

And the worst part is that I can't even like read a book or anything fun like that while I am traveling. I guess I could get a book on cd, but I have issues with those unless you are taking a really long drive, 'cause I don't like to have to try to find a good place to stop and then sometimes if I can't hear it over car noises, and then if I don't pay attention for a bit I get confused. Anyway, in my opinion it isn't a long enough drive for a book on cd. Good think I like driving.

Also, I did end up finishing the ending of my novel. So now I have a completed first draft. It isn't long, but as I was reading through it I noticed lots of places I need to add things in and change things around and all that fun stuff, so I have quite the editing journey ahead of me, but at least I have the entire thing finished. That is quite the accomplishment I think. The last part that I wrote ended up being about 4000 words ... but I was getting kinda tired at the end there so I may need to add some stuff to it once I flesh out other parts and make it more comprehensible. So, after I get time to work on editing (I think that will be after I finish reading Harry Potter - I am on book 5) I will be looking for a few good editors. I already have a few people in mind ... but I will probably want anyone who is willing to read it. So yeah ... if you like fantasy let me know. :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Figured It Out

So, I never really finished the story that I wrote for NaNo. I finished the required 50,000 words to become a winner of the contest, but I never ended the story that I wrote. And then I abandoned it for a while and couldn't even remember what happened. So, I just re-read the whole thing and I have good news - I figured it out. I know exactly how it is going to have to end and the way to get there. And I don't think that it is too obvious (I hate books that are super predictable) but I guess I will have to wait to find that one out. Anyway, I am super excited to get off work today and go home and work on it! Woot. I will let you know how it goes once I am done. And how long the finished product is.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the Thirteenth

So, I have always considered the number 13 my lucky number. I am not sure why - I think it is because when I was in elementary school our intramural teams all had to make these huge posters. We were the Black Stallions and we won that year (I think). Anyway, the poster was pretty nice - it had a picture of a Black Stallion on it that we painted (I am pretty sure JR did the most of it - how strange we were on the same team eh?) and then all the names of the people on the team. And it was huge. To win the poster at the end of the year we all had to pick a number between 1 and 100 and whoever was the closest to whatever someone drew out of a hat got the poster. I picked 13 and won. Go me.

So, now when days like this roll around - Friday the 13th - I always think it is going to be my lucky day. It never really is of course. Not that I noticed. But it is never a really BAD day. It is usually just a day. But still, it makes me happy to think it is the 13th and a Friday. And I actually get tomorrow off! Woot. I have to work on Sunday (which sucks) but I get Sat off so that is nice. Maybe I will do something other than just sleep and read my book. We will see though. I kinda like reading and sleeping.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Push Me Pull Me

So, my life has been a bit crazy lately. Who's isn't, right?

On that note, we were chatting at work the other day about why people make decisions in their lives and my boss said something that I really liked (she was quoting it from someone who said something to her about 12 years ago - I just don't know his name or I would give him credit - but chances are he was quoting someone too so I don't feel too bad). Anyway, she said that people have two things that drive them to make decisions - a push and a pull. If you don't have both elements, you will never make a decision. You have to have something pushing you away from your current situation and something else pulling you to your next situation. For example, if you are going to move you need a reason to leave and a reason to go where you are going.

I think that is my major problem - I have the push but I don't feel like I have a pull. I want to leave my job, but until I get a job somewhere else I can't leave. Mind you, I know I should be helping out a bit by, I don't know, actually applying for other jobs (right Mom?) but that doesn't change the fact that there is no pull. So I am on a quest for a pull right now.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Secrets

What a provocative title, eh? Too bad this isn't going to pan out into anything interesting. I just check the Post Secret website all the time and that is what he titles his new posts.

Anyway, Costa night turned out really good. I only made 2 pounds of the pork, so there weren't a lot of leftovers, so I think next time I am going to make more. Mmmm.


And now it is no longer Sunday. See how lazy I am?

As for more info the make this blog not so dull. I had a weird dream a few nights ago. I dreamt that I had a job interview at Merck (where my friend who left my lab went to work), except it was a huge group interview. Seriously, there were like 50 people there! And most of them were these young recent college grads. At the beginning we were all intermingling with the current staff and everyone kept thinking I was part of the staff. Anyway, then we sat down and this woman was giving us instructions and everyone else was talking during the whole thing and fooling around. I felt like I was in a high school english class or something. It was nuts. We were then supposed to go to lunch with the current employees and I asked my friends if I could get a ride with him. That was when I woke up. I am not sure if that means that I am afraid that I am not good enough and I am going to get beat out by some recent college grad or if it means that I think I deserve at job at Merck instead of the rcgs. Whatever. It was interesting anyway. My friend said it was pretty high tech over there and so my mind's adaptation of that was the most interesting part.

This dream reminded me of my 'scary' dream from the holidays. I really want to make that into a good story. I might have to do a bit of editing since the 'big bad wolf' thing isn't really that scary, but I am going to work on it to see if I can make something at least a little tense out of it. Wish me luck.

I have also been reading my story from NaNoWriMo over again so that I can do some editing and let me tell you, it needs a lot of work. And I am only on page 30 or so. Gah. There is a lot more I need to add and change around and stuff like that. It needs work. But I have been distracted from working on it because I started reading the Harry Potter series again. It is so good. I laugh out loud frequently and my roommate thinks I am nuts. She said I was the only person she knew who actually laughed out loud when reading books. But my grandpa does it when he reads comics so I guess it is hereditary. Whatever.

Anyway, I guess I should go. The dishes are calling my name. And the last like ten pages of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Yeah, yeah, I know. Why would I only leave ten pages? I was trying really hard to finish it before FHE, but to no avail. I had to get ready. We were barely on time as it was, if I had finished we def would have been late. And I don't like being late!