Friday, December 31, 2010

Maybe I'm Stupid ...

But I just signed up for NaBloPoMo for January. Basically I need to post a blog entry every day for the month of January. It might be stupid but the theme is friends and I think it will be interesting. I plan to write about a different kind of friend or about a friend in specific every day for the 31 days. I will prob start tomorrow with a better description of what I am going to do specifically and what I think of friendship in general. It will be fun :D Check back every day in January for updates and to learn more about my views on friends and my friends.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My New Car (Again)!

So, I got a new car. It is a 2009 Pontiac G6 GT and I love it! It drives really nice and has all sorts of fun features like an auto-dimming mirror and an auxiliary jack on the stereo and stuff like that and I got it for a pretty decent price. I am glad to be done with the rental as well so I no longer have to worry about returning it and all that stuff. Here are some pics: 

Other than that I have been trying to make sure to take care of everything with the car and insurance stuff before I leave for the holidays. That hasn't been too bad - there are just a lot of things to remember. For one the insurance people are giving me some $ to make up for the 'inconvenience' of my finger being all bi-jiggity for however long, so that is nice. I have a few other things I need to make sure to do as well like figure out who the new lien-holder is (I forget the bank name) so that I can tell me insurance company. 

I am also trying to figure out what to get all my family and friends and stuff for Christmas. I have a few people's things figured out, but not everyone. My brother's are ridiculously hard to buy stuff for because they are adults and they tend to just buy whatever they want, unless it is really expensive in which case I can't afford it! Oh well, I am sure I will figure stuff out, it will just take a bit of thinking and asking around.

Also, last night I went to Wal-Mart over in Cornelius because I like Wal-Mart and it is pretty new. I guess I didn't stop coming out of the parking lot and I got pulled over. Ugh. The cop was super nice and didn't give me a ticket, but I still felt dumb. It thought I stopped but I was trying to figure out where to go at the light coming up and I guess I just didn't. Also, he was super cute! Thanks hot cop for giving me a bit of a break! And of course I get pulled over when I don't have registration or even an official insurance card :-/ That was fun. He was nice though. He said "Oh you got it at Dick Hannah? How was that?" and I said "pretty good, they were nice" and he said "yeah I went with a friend to get a car there about 6 months ago and they were great".

Anyway, other than that, that is about all I have been up to lately. Not super exciting. I sang at a Relief Society thing on Thursday night. It was a bit shorter notice than I would like, and I know that if I had had more time to practice it would have went better, but it was still okay so I am not too embarrassed to see those people again ;) And now I just need to finish out this week and I am leaving to go home for the holidays on Friday. I am super excited to see my parents and brothers and their girlfriends and nephew (mostly my nephew) and I am way excited to not have anything to do for a week and a half! No work! Yay for the holidays!