Saturday, January 07, 2012

New Things!

So, things have been going on in my life that I have been reluctant to blog about because … I don’t know, I guess mostly because blogging about it takes time, and I am lazy. And also, blogging about it just makes it more REAL, you know? (Funny that that makes it MORE real ...)

Anyway, the basic thing is that my job is now over. Well, it will be very soon.  As in December 31st was supposed to be my last day. And then it was changed to Jan 6 was my last day – the 31st would still be my last day at work, but Jan 6th would be the day I turned in my badge and stuff and then I would have just had that last week as vacation because I have so much vacation built up! SO MUCH VACATION! I digress. 

So, the 6th was supposed to be my last day but then I was flying home for vacation and I got this phone call while I was in the air from my boss and she left a message saying that they had had some meetings about the project and have a few more things for me to do and would I be able to stay until mid to late Feb? So, now I am not exactly sure of my last day, but I know that it will be soon.

I am planning when I am done to move back to my original home, Southern Alberta (yeah, the same place where the photo in my background was taken). And I am actually really excited for the most part. It will be different – I have lived in the US for a long long time now (10 years) and it has been pretty much all my adult life, so that will be odd – but I just know that is the right decision for me. My other option was to move to Pitt and continue working for my boss, which would have had a lot of benefits (like I would have had a job) but I just didn’t feel right about that. And I might be crazy – I am moving to a place I haven’t lived in a long time and I want to get a job in a field I have never worked in before and there are moments where I am FREAKING OUT but I still feel like it is right, you know? I have felt for a long time like I needed something new and this is going to be the perfect way to get that - new place, new job, new friends, new Ward. Yay (yikes!)

Heh, my bishopric found out that I am leaving and they want me to give a talk before I go. So the day is Jan 29th, the same day that a guy in our Ward is giving his farewell talk before going on his mission.

Anyway, that is the main reason I have been putting off posting for so long (obviously not the only reason since this stuff hasn't been going on for as long as I haven't posted) – I just wasn’t sure the best way to write about all this stuff and for a long time I was so unsure about what was even going on. Go ahead and call me crazy if you want, but I don’t care, I know I am and I still know I am right. Also, send good vibes this way. And if you know anyone hiring send them my way too :D