Sunday, May 25, 2008

When It Rains ...

It pours! No joke. And I am not just saying that because I live in Oregon and I have learned all about the rain (although I have).

No, the reason for the title is forthcoming.

May 8 - I broke my finger.
May9 - There is an ... incident ... at work. I am not going to go into details since with my job I don't feel comfortable just plastering things all over the internet (I guess I feel like I could be targeted by certain groups eventually). Anyway, if you know me and want to ask, you can, but it isn't that big of a deal, it was just surprising. There was a similar incident less than two weeks before, but I can't remember the date so I didn't include it in my list ... but still ...
May 19 - My boss is trying to get a grant out and her 'secretary' ends up crying due to all the stress.
May 20 - Boss leaves for a month.
May 21 - My co-worker goes to the doctor after work and his doctor tells him that he needs to take a 4 week medical leave for stress related condition.
May 22 - Deal with the news of co-workers medical leave.
May 23 - My Dad whose health has been failing steadily over the past week has a stroke and is admitted to hospital (he is going to be fine ... don't worry).
May 24 - My roommate's birthday. My other friend had a birthday on the 20th and mine is on the 30th so we have a party. We take a trip to the lake and a man drowns in front of our eyes.
May 25 - Nothing ... so far.

So you can see that much has happened in the last month or so (not even) and most of it bad (I guess a party is not a bad thing). I am not saying all this to make you feel bad for me. I guess I am just saying it because ... I don't know why. But is seems like this stuff happens all the time. It is like good things and bad things are pulsatile and right now is just a 'bad' pulse. Is it time for a 'good' pulse yet? I hope so.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So things have been going okay recently. Work has been crazy - but when is that not the case at my job? Today my boss talked to us all about how backlogged we are, then switched some projects around (as if that helps to give us more time - no it just gives us something different to concentrate on). But then she gave us homemade strawberry shortcake to celebrate this one girl at my work winning an award last week and because I broke my finger. Wait? We are celebrating that now? Okay, weird, but I can live with that.

The thing is that my finger isn't really any different looking than the last time I posted pics, so I won't post more. Mostly it is just way more swollen. You know how at the base of your fingernail there is an indent? Mine doesn't have one. It goes straight from fingernail to finger. No indent at all. Sad right? It is strange because it doesn't even look like my finger anymore. It looks like my older brother's finger after he got in a motorcycle accident and ripped out a bunch of tendons (I think). Someone transplanted his finger onto my hand when I wasn't looking! Oh well, I have a follow-up tomorrow so they might drain it then or something. I will let you know.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Squashed Finger!!

So, at work we have this big chamber made for measuring metabolic rate - and it is big and heavy and the top part and the bottom part fit together (the bottom part is wheels) but are not attached. Anyway, my finger got caught between the top and bottom part - just the tip of my middle finger on my left hand - and got squashed. It is broken pretty good. So I got x-rays taken and the lady explained that the finger tip should look like little mushrooms (like the other two do) but the one that got crushed sort of smashed the mushroom. After all the crying (and there was a lot which I think freaked out everyone at work since I really don't cry at all) I thought that is was actually kinda cool so I thought I would post the copies of the x-rays. Is it not the coolest thing that they actually gave me copies of the x-rays?

So, then I took some pics. These pictures don't really do it justice - it looks much cooler than this. The tip is kinda flat, but then it bulges out below that where it is swelling up. The nurse practitioner (who was awesome by the way) said that it would take 4-6 weeks to heal and in that time it would turn lots of 'pretty' colors - so I plan to photo document the entire thing. A nice treat for all my readers (yes, all four of you - lol).

So that was my day yesterday. I am getting pretty decent at typing with 9 fingers instead of 10 and I am getting okay at not banging the darn thing on everything. I have never broken anything before so this is a novel experience for me. So I will keep posting updates. Enjoy the x-rays though! :)