Monday, April 28, 2008

New Post

Well, here it is Monday night and I feel like I should post something ... but exactly what I should post on is eluding me. So I think I will just mention a few things that are random. One is that I am not sure why, but I was really productive today. I had a day off and usually on my days off I just do nothing and lay around, but today I was really productive. I cleaned, I made cookies, I did laundry, I went grocery shopping. I did a lot. I am not sure why ... maybe it was because I was well rested. For once. I almost never feel well rested, but I did for some reason today. I mean, it was probably because I fell asleep for a 'nap' yesterday and slept for like 6 hours. Then I went to bed a few hours later. I have done that before though and still felt just as tired as I had previously.

Also, I have been doing a lot more writing lately. I thought about posting it, but it is really rough so I am not going to. Also, I think if I was going to post it it would have to be on a different blog ... it wouldn't really fit in on this one. But I guess I just wanted to mention that I was doing it.

Anyway, my sudden drive to write more on this post is gone, so I will stop. Sorry if anyone read this expecting something that was actually interesting.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rant and Rave!

Rant - So my co-workers and I were talking the other day about blogs. One thing we were talking about was why anyone would want to keep a blog. One of my co-workers actually didn't know anything about blogging, which is a little hard to imagine since I thought everyone in the world knew about blogs (even my Mom! so that is amazing!). So we were telling him that it is a lot like a journal, only published online so everyone can read it. Well then he asked, why wouldn't you just write a real journal that everyone can't read? And I thought about that. I guess everyone who keeps a blog has a little bit of an exhibitionist in them. I mean, I make sure that I don't write anything that I would feel weird having a stranger know about me, but still, I obviously want someone to know something. I guess I just like the idea that maybe someone will read it and know what I mean.

Rave - I just want to take a minute to mention how much I really really love my new car. It is such a smooth quiet ride compared to the jeep. I will always have a fondness in my heart for said jeep, but I love my new Mazda so much more. And I tested the volume on the radio the other day and it goes all the way up to 34! Sometimes I think that even 8 is too loud! And I have always been a product of my father and I love to go driving around just for the heck of it, but I especially love to now in my new car. And with gas prices being what they are the fact that I go driving just for the heck of it says something. At least I think it does.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Heere's Johnny!

So, I know that I have been procrastinating, but it is hard for my to update my blog when I am home because there is not really a good internet connection at my parents' house. So this is the update - with pictures of my little nephew John Daniel. I know that Grandma put my blog address in the family newsletter and told people to look here for pictures of the little guy so I have been feeling guilty about not posting pics sooner. Oh well, here they are. He is totally the cutest baby ever, and he has a really good disposition - even when he cries it is more funny than anything. Not a loud crier either. We tried to take pics of him smiling, but it was a hard thing to do so this is the best you will get for a while. Enjoy the cuteness! Also, for those who didn't know, I dyed my hair back to dark. It looks crappy in the last photo but still I like it much more since I don't have to keep re-bleaching it all the time.

My Car!

Well, I finally took pictures of my car and I thought I would post them. To tell the truth, I only took 2, 1 from the passenger side and the other from the drivers side, so they look almost the same, so I am only posting one. I am going to post the one from the drivers side because you can see my house in the background! Well, the house I live in .... but that still makes it mine for now right...?