Saturday, November 05, 2011

Halloween 2011

 So for Halloween this year Jasmine and I decided to be Betty and Veronica from the Archie comics. But we decided to be the versions with the Ben-Day Dots - the dots that always showed up on old comics. It was so fun! We won 'best costume' again (thank goodness - it took a long darn time to get ready!) Here is a picture of The Veronica Lodge, and then a pic of what I looked like dressed up as her. Fun right?

And here is a pic of the two of us together. Betty and Veronica. The unstoppable duo!
It was a great party, hosted by our friend Heidi again this year. She is such a great party thrower. Love that girl. I had a great time, as did everyone who went.

Other than that I have been keeping myself quite busy - so busy I haven't had time to write on my blog. Okay, I am not really that busy, but it sounds better than "I haven't written because I got distracted". Someday I will post full updates about everything - but today is not that day. I just wanted to do the Halloween update and say thanks for sticking with me!