Thursday, May 06, 2010

Catching Crap

So, I have gotten a little flack lately from some of you (and from myself) about not posting anything in a long while. It has almost been 2 months! Where has the time gone? I am not really sure - I guess I have been working a lot and trying to keep busy when I am not working. And I am boring so I feel like I have nothing too exciting to post. Well ... that is not totally true. I have one thing.

So, let me start by saying that I have to go to Pittsburgh to help my boss train the crew there to do my job. To do this I have had to take about a million online trainings and I have to fill out a health questionnaire, get a TB test and a measles titer. Most of those things are easy to do ... but the stupid measles titer was a thorn in my side. I couldn't just get it from employee health, I had to go to my actual doctor to get a lab slip etc etc. The problem with that is I don't really like my old doctor (the one I went to about twice a couple years ago) so I had to find a new doctor just to get it done. So I went for a first time appointment last week so she could set me up with the lab slip. She was awesome. She asked if there was anything else that I wanted to talk about while I was there. I mentioned my lack of periods and she asked a few other questions and took some blood and determined that I have PCOS. This is what I study at work so I am not too shocked (I knew I had most of the symptoms). She prescribed me a few things (metformin to deal with the insulin insensitivity thing and an anti-androgen) that she thinks would help. This means I am on meds from now until eternity. Woo (note the sarcasm). The doctor assured me that many women who have PCOS can and do end up having children, but I know that there are people who can't. A lot. I know at least one friend whose blog I follow has infertility due to PCOS. A few girls I work with have the same issue. Not that I want kids right now since I am unmarried and not even dating, but, now that will always be in the back of my mind. Obviously it was there anyway - I knew I wasn't ovulating and if you don't ovulate then you can't conceive, but for some reason having an official diagnosis makes it more real. Bleargh.

On a lighter note - I got the stupid measles titer and found out that I am not immune to the measles! Or mumps or rubella. I did a little bit of searching online and found out that 95% of people who get the MMR shot one time end up being immune to all three things and 99% of people who get the MMR twice end up being immune. Guess how many times I got the stupid immunization when I was younger? That's right folks, twice. I am in that small 1% of people who don't become immune even after 2 freaking shots! I got the MMR again. Hopefully this time it takes!

I will try to be better about posting. Thanks for the kick in the butt!