Monday, August 27, 2012

One More Down, Twenty-Eight More To Go ...

So, I accomplished another one of my goals on my list. Number 13 - Buy an SLR camera and (re)-learn how to use it. Well, I accomplished part of it. I bought a camera and I am in the process of learning to use it. Here is a pic of it (I know, it looks like I took it with a potato - I took it with my cell phone, gimme a break!)

I have been having great fun this last week playing with it and taking pics of random things. It was a good week to get it since this week was 'Whoop-Up' days here in Lethbridge so there were lots of fun things to take pics of - a parade, a fair, all kinds of stuff like that. Also, it was 'Corn Fest' in Taber, so I took pics of the fair there too (I am going to post pics on fb soon - keep an eye out!).

It has been fun shooting things with my new canon (see how punny I am? hahaha) Hopefully I will get some more goals accomplished soon. I will keep you posted!