Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Not the Long Awaited Post .... Sorry

The title of this post was a disclaimer because this is not the post that will explain what has been going on in my life for the last month that made me not post. No this post will just be my musings, that were sparked by watching a preview for this movie. It is called Penelope and it is about a girl who has a pig nose and will until she can find someone to accept her as she is until death do they part. So basically, as it was described to me by someone else, until she finds her 'true love'. I guess this got me to thinking about that term. True love.

Let's also bring up the movie 'Beauty and the Beast'. It is a great movie. I love it. One of my favourites by Disney. But the curse he is under states that he will be that way until he can learn to love another and earn her love in return (or something like that, I'm quoting off the top of my head here!) Anyway, when do you know that you have earned someone's love? That is really what this is driving at. I mean if you are cursed until you find your true love, is it just until you meet them, or until they love you, or until they tell you they love you. Because those three time points in time can be significantly different. I mean, all three could never happen, but some people never say the words "I love you" so if that was the case you would be totally screwed right?

In 'Beauty and the Beast' the curse breaks when she tells him, but maybe that is the same time she realizes she is in love with him (but I don't think it is the actual moment she 'falls in love with him'). Anyway, I was just wondering about that - because it would actually be quite convenient for you if it was when you met that person right, because the curse would end and that would tell you that you had just met your true love. If that is the case then put that curse on me because it is hard to know otherwise.

Also, I am obviously totally ignoring the fact that I totally disagree with the term 'true love' in general and that I think that it is stupid to think that you have one and only one person that you were meant to be with your whole life and that if you miss them then you are in big trouble. But if that was true, and curses could be put on people, then how is it determined that the curse is over. I guess that is all I am asking. Whatever. If anyone has insight let me know. Thanks!