Tuesday, May 03, 2011

My Room

So, we moved into a new apartment. I think I mentioned this, but I haven't mentioned my new project in the house. I don't have a headboard, so I decided to do a 'faux headboard' of sorts. So I painted a tree branch on the wall ... kinda ... and then put some frames around it with the flowers on the frame and viola! Beautiful. I am going to post some pics of the process and the final results. It was fun. (Mom, aren't you happy I am finally posting these?)

This is the before shot. Ain't it boring?
 So I taped the tree branches on the wall. I wanted the branches to remain white and have the rest be a different colour so that is all blue painters tape.
 I painted it all. Golly I hope this works!
 It worked! What a shocker! (You didn't think I would post it if it hadn't worked did you? ... Well, okay, I would have, but I would have figured out what DID work before posting.)
 Then I painted flowers on the glass parts of some frames, put the frames on the wall and ta-da! Doesn't it look good? I am rather pleased with the results :D