Thursday, May 31, 2012

This Years Plans

Well, as you may know, yesterday I turned 29. It was a good birthday - I had a couple friends from Oregon here visiting for the week prior to my birthday so we drove all around Southern Alberta and they got to see the country and we all visited and it was fun times.

But, it got me thinking about the fact that next year I am turning the big 3-0. I decided I am going to make a list of things that I want to do/accomplish in the next year so that I don't just keep putting things off for the rest of my life. I have a few ideas about things I want on this list already, but I want some input from you guys - what do you think are good things to try to do in the next year or so. I am already planning to go somewhere awesome on vacation with my Mom again - somewhere tropical (not sure where yet - suggestions for that are good as well). I also have some health goals in mind - exercising and eating better and all that. But I want other things. Like specific books I should read or things I should make or learn how to do or places I should go (that are close - I can only go on one huge holiday you guys, I'm not made of money) or people I should meet or ... well anything! What do you think? I want all suggestions, nothing is too extreme or out there (I of course reserve the right to not put any of them on the list lol). Thanks in advance for your suggestions! Can't wait to hear what you all think I should do with the next year of my life.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Training is Almost Over

Well, as the title states, the training for my job is almost over. I am liking it a lot so far. I have learned all the proper techniques on how to be a Health Care Aide - how to use mechanical lifts, how to do proper cleaning and washing and a bunch of other things like that. Now I am doing buddy shifts - so basically I am learning more about the specific facility I am working at and that is going well. I am a bit scared to work by myself since I feel like I don't know enough yet, but I guess I will get there eventually.

Other than that I have been pretty boring. I spend a lot of time at home just chilling at watching tv or different shows or reading or whatever. My brother and his girlfriend are out of town for the next couple weeks so I will be sitting at THEIR home watching tv or whatever so that'll be a nice change of pace. Haha.

Also, my friends from Oregon are coming up this week to see me and I am WAY excited about that. We are going to travel around a bit of Southern Alberta and do some different things that are unique to the area and just hang out and have fun. It will be a good time I think. I still have a lot of stuff I have to get ready for their arrival - mostly cleaning stuff around the house since they will be staying here for a couple nights. I haven't had friends of mine come here since high school so it is a bit weird for me, but it'll be good. Most importantly, it will save them some money so that's good.

Anyway, that is about all that is going on for now. I should sign off so I can start my long list of things I need to clean. Luckily I have a few days to do it in, so I am not in a rush yet. Although I am a really good procrastinator, so I have a feeling that the day they are going to get here I will be like 'oh shoot, I still need to clean!' Oh well. Haha. As long as it gets done, who cares when, right? RIGHT?