Monday, March 30, 2009

Posting is Fun

Well, I know it has been a long time since I posted last, but I have been busy darnit! Doing what? You ask. Well, knitting and watching Buffy on DVD, that's what. So suck it up. And so this morning I was checking all my blogs and I was sad because hardly any of my people updated since I last checked. Just because I check obsessively doesn't mean I shouldn't be rewarded. Anyway, again I realized I was being hypocritical so I decided that this month (April obviously, since March is almost over) I am going to try to post every day. Because, let's face it [insert title here].

Lol. I am a dork. I can't promise they will be good posts, but they will be posts nonetheless. I mean, this is about the total of this post, but it better than nothing right?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My New Favorite Website ...


I know that it sucks that you have to sign in, but you just have to sign up to be sent an invitation and they will send it to you in about a week. They have tons of awesome patterns and stuff for knitting. Woot!


Yay for the internet!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stupid Klutzy Unlucky Day

Well, this is going to be short and sweet - I hope (and when I say sweet I mean it will be sweet for you - it wasn't for me).

To start the story of my awesome day I will need to mention that a week ago, after my friend's wedding reception that I went to, I was hanging out with my friends and one of my friends swooshed his nerf sword near me and I was still wearing a dress from the reception . Anyway ... my skirt flew up and I kinda flashed my friends.

Fast forward to today. I had to take my car in to get serviced and I was later than I meant to. Then we went to go out to lunch while we were waiting for my car to be finished and we went into this one restaurant and the staff seemed to have no idea what was going on - so we left and tried to find this other place. We called free 411 to see if there was one of what we wanted in the area - but that stupid phone number sucks. Anyway, after driving around for like an hour we finally found a place to eat (not the one we were looking for).

Then we went to another wedding reception. Afterward we went to dinner at this place - I was still wearing my skirt and these cute boots with heels. Anyway, the floor was kinda slippery and my heels are kinda spiky and I almost fell on the floor. Then when we were leaving my skirt fell right off. Seriously, it fell right down around my knees and my butt was exposed to the entire restaurant. A restaurant that has big glass windows all the way around it. At least one guy was looking right at me and laughed his head off. Luckily I was wearing spanx at the time, so my butt wasn't totally hanging out - but they were nude coloured so it looked like my butt. Gah!!

I then changed and we had a good laugh. Then we had to go to Fred Meyer's to look for knitting needles. As we were walking through the place I tried to pick up a set of needles and the whole thing it was hanging on fell. Then as we were leaving there was a candle display and I dropped one of those on the ground and it broke all over the place (yeah, it was one of those ones that was in a glass jar).

Anyway, I need to go to bed and hopefully sleep off my clumsiness.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trip Time

Basically, I really want to go somewhere or do something that is not be here. My friend and I want to go to Kelly Clarkson on June 11th in Utah - but it is way cheaper to buy 4 tickets than to just buy 2, so we want to find someone else to go with us. Also, I have to check that I can get the time off since my boss will be in Pitt/DC at the time of the concert. I guess I could always find a diff concert to go to but Utah is always nice since I have a bunch a friends and family there so I could kill two birds with one stone so to speak. But I really want to get away. I was thinking about visiting my friend in Texas for a while there, but the other problem is that I am broke and cheap. Gah. Any suggestions on fun things to do/ places to go that aren't too spendy?

In other news, I have been trying to do some editing on my NaNo story, but I keep getting all sidetracked by books that I am reading. First it was the Harry Potter series, which I finished, but then I made the mistake of going to Powell's twice in as many days and buying a total of 5 books (they were almost all sale books and really cheap so I didn't have to spend a lot of money) but now I have all those books calling my name and so I have to try hard to actually edit instead of read. I already finished one of the books though - it is called Interworld by Neil Gaiman and Micheal Reaves. It was really good (and an easy read which is always nice too) and I would recommend it if anyone is looking for something good to read. Maybe I need to find a writing contest with a deadline so that I have a goal date to be done something by to keep me motivated. That doesn't always work ... but it can't hurt to look. We will see.

Anyway, that is all for now - I have to go do some work and then I am taking my car in for an oil change and some other routine maintenance crap. Woo. Lucky me. More money that I get to spend on fun stuff like that. Gah. I have a love hate relationship with money.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Weekend

So, Friday night I went to a friend's wedding reception. It was fun - small and quick and fun. I like weddings, because I love seeing my friends who get married when they are so happy (and she did look beautiful and happy) but I hate them because of the inadequacy I feel and how I feel like I will never have one. Seriously. Whatever.

After that we went to hang out with this friend of ours and we stayed over at his place until late just chatting and hanging out and even playing the Wii a bit.

Then on Saturday I had to go to work for a bit in the morning, then I came back home and watched a couple shows on Hulu (love that website!) I just want to insert here how much I really like the show 'Dollhouse'. I gave it a try because it is Joss Whedon - who created some of my favorite shows ever (Firefly, Buffy, Angel) - but I keep watching it because it is interesting. You should watch it if you get a chance. I also watched the new Office. Hilarious.

Then we went to visit some friends who live in Tillamook area. It was great. I love those guys. They are really cool and down to earth and just really good at making you feel comfortable and accepted, no matter what.

Now we are back and I am just waiting to get in the shower so I can get ready for church.

Overall - good weekend. :D

Thursday, March 05, 2009


So, I need to wear corrective lenses. I have worn glasses for the last about six to either months because I was too busy (and lazy) to go get new contacts at the eye doctor. But I finally went! Yay! I remember now why I love having contacts. They don't fall off my face like my stupid glasses, I can wear any pair of sunglasses I feel like, and mostly, I just feel like I look better. Not that my glasses were terrible, they suited me and looked fine, but I like not having them so much more. Although, it has been so long that the first day whenever I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror or something I thought something was missing. Even now I still try to push up my glasses once in a while so they don't fall off my face. And apparently the glasses hid my eyes a little since I have had about three people so far ask me if the contacts I got were colored because my eyes look so blue.

In other news, nothing much is going on. I finished that ridiculously boring course, and now I can x-ray your animals. I keep saying small animals, but heck, if you brought me a horse I could x-ray that too. I have never actually used an x-ray machine and I don't really have access to one, but darn it, I am certified to do it! It was a bit ridiculous that I had to take the course since I am just using a DEXA scanner, which is not really the same as x-rays and way less complicated (you position the animal and then click 'go') so I didn't really need to sit there for the full 20 hours. Oh well, I did what I had to and now it is over with. Whew.

I am thinking about getting a new phone, but I am on a family plan with my friend. I am torn now about whether or not I want to get my own account or just continue as I have been. The family plan has benefits - such as if I ever move out of the country I could probably not pay the cancellation fee, but just pay the $10 a month for the rest of the time and call it good. But then on my own would be good because I would get the new every two service they have, and also I would be able to use my employer discount that I can only use if I am the main person on the account. I am still thinking about it anyway. Give me any thoughts or suggestions about which phone you would get if it were you and put in your opinion about the whole own account thing!