Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stupid Klutzy Unlucky Day

Well, this is going to be short and sweet - I hope (and when I say sweet I mean it will be sweet for you - it wasn't for me).

To start the story of my awesome day I will need to mention that a week ago, after my friend's wedding reception that I went to, I was hanging out with my friends and one of my friends swooshed his nerf sword near me and I was still wearing a dress from the reception . Anyway ... my skirt flew up and I kinda flashed my friends.

Fast forward to today. I had to take my car in to get serviced and I was later than I meant to. Then we went to go out to lunch while we were waiting for my car to be finished and we went into this one restaurant and the staff seemed to have no idea what was going on - so we left and tried to find this other place. We called free 411 to see if there was one of what we wanted in the area - but that stupid phone number sucks. Anyway, after driving around for like an hour we finally found a place to eat (not the one we were looking for).

Then we went to another wedding reception. Afterward we went to dinner at this place - I was still wearing my skirt and these cute boots with heels. Anyway, the floor was kinda slippery and my heels are kinda spiky and I almost fell on the floor. Then when we were leaving my skirt fell right off. Seriously, it fell right down around my knees and my butt was exposed to the entire restaurant. A restaurant that has big glass windows all the way around it. At least one guy was looking right at me and laughed his head off. Luckily I was wearing spanx at the time, so my butt wasn't totally hanging out - but they were nude coloured so it looked like my butt. Gah!!

I then changed and we had a good laugh. Then we had to go to Fred Meyer's to look for knitting needles. As we were walking through the place I tried to pick up a set of needles and the whole thing it was hanging on fell. Then as we were leaving there was a candle display and I dropped one of those on the ground and it broke all over the place (yeah, it was one of those ones that was in a glass jar).

Anyway, I need to go to bed and hopefully sleep off my clumsiness.


Lex-a-roo said...

Wow. what a terrible day! I think I'd cry. I'm sad that happened but glad that those things happen to other people too not just me...

gensher said...

That sounds like a way crappy day! Look on the bright side - it can''t get worst than that, right?

Here's to hoping it gets way better.

Emily said...

wow. I think I'd fall right down through the floor if my skirt fell off! Do you know what happened? Anyway...
I haven't checked this blog in ages cause I didn't realized you would keep posting here with your LJ bad