Thursday, March 05, 2009


So, I need to wear corrective lenses. I have worn glasses for the last about six to either months because I was too busy (and lazy) to go get new contacts at the eye doctor. But I finally went! Yay! I remember now why I love having contacts. They don't fall off my face like my stupid glasses, I can wear any pair of sunglasses I feel like, and mostly, I just feel like I look better. Not that my glasses were terrible, they suited me and looked fine, but I like not having them so much more. Although, it has been so long that the first day whenever I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror or something I thought something was missing. Even now I still try to push up my glasses once in a while so they don't fall off my face. And apparently the glasses hid my eyes a little since I have had about three people so far ask me if the contacts I got were colored because my eyes look so blue.

In other news, nothing much is going on. I finished that ridiculously boring course, and now I can x-ray your animals. I keep saying small animals, but heck, if you brought me a horse I could x-ray that too. I have never actually used an x-ray machine and I don't really have access to one, but darn it, I am certified to do it! It was a bit ridiculous that I had to take the course since I am just using a DEXA scanner, which is not really the same as x-rays and way less complicated (you position the animal and then click 'go') so I didn't really need to sit there for the full 20 hours. Oh well, I did what I had to and now it is over with. Whew.

I am thinking about getting a new phone, but I am on a family plan with my friend. I am torn now about whether or not I want to get my own account or just continue as I have been. The family plan has benefits - such as if I ever move out of the country I could probably not pay the cancellation fee, but just pay the $10 a month for the rest of the time and call it good. But then on my own would be good because I would get the new every two service they have, and also I would be able to use my employer discount that I can only use if I am the main person on the account. I am still thinking about it anyway. Give me any thoughts or suggestions about which phone you would get if it were you and put in your opinion about the whole own account thing!


Lex-a-roo said...

I would want a blackberry... but then they are spendy and I would want it for selfish reasons... like looking up medications, palm is also making phones now. iphones are cool but also spendy. There are so many options...

Emily said...

I just got a new one with my two year upgrade...I'm on a family plan by the bye so I don't know why you wouldn't be able to upgrade on yours. But anyway, I got the Rant and I really like it...though it is a bit big.