Sunday, May 25, 2008

When It Rains ...

It pours! No joke. And I am not just saying that because I live in Oregon and I have learned all about the rain (although I have).

No, the reason for the title is forthcoming.

May 8 - I broke my finger.
May9 - There is an ... incident ... at work. I am not going to go into details since with my job I don't feel comfortable just plastering things all over the internet (I guess I feel like I could be targeted by certain groups eventually). Anyway, if you know me and want to ask, you can, but it isn't that big of a deal, it was just surprising. There was a similar incident less than two weeks before, but I can't remember the date so I didn't include it in my list ... but still ...
May 19 - My boss is trying to get a grant out and her 'secretary' ends up crying due to all the stress.
May 20 - Boss leaves for a month.
May 21 - My co-worker goes to the doctor after work and his doctor tells him that he needs to take a 4 week medical leave for stress related condition.
May 22 - Deal with the news of co-workers medical leave.
May 23 - My Dad whose health has been failing steadily over the past week has a stroke and is admitted to hospital (he is going to be fine ... don't worry).
May 24 - My roommate's birthday. My other friend had a birthday on the 20th and mine is on the 30th so we have a party. We take a trip to the lake and a man drowns in front of our eyes.
May 25 - Nothing ... so far.

So you can see that much has happened in the last month or so (not even) and most of it bad (I guess a party is not a bad thing). I am not saying all this to make you feel bad for me. I guess I am just saying it because ... I don't know why. But is seems like this stuff happens all the time. It is like good things and bad things are pulsatile and right now is just a 'bad' pulse. Is it time for a 'good' pulse yet? I hope so.

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Lex-a-roo said...

Ugh... my life seems so nice right now... I'm sad you had such a rough MAY, hopefully now after your B-day things will get better.