Friday, May 09, 2008

Squashed Finger!!

So, at work we have this big chamber made for measuring metabolic rate - and it is big and heavy and the top part and the bottom part fit together (the bottom part is wheels) but are not attached. Anyway, my finger got caught between the top and bottom part - just the tip of my middle finger on my left hand - and got squashed. It is broken pretty good. So I got x-rays taken and the lady explained that the finger tip should look like little mushrooms (like the other two do) but the one that got crushed sort of smashed the mushroom. After all the crying (and there was a lot which I think freaked out everyone at work since I really don't cry at all) I thought that is was actually kinda cool so I thought I would post the copies of the x-rays. Is it not the coolest thing that they actually gave me copies of the x-rays?

So, then I took some pics. These pictures don't really do it justice - it looks much cooler than this. The tip is kinda flat, but then it bulges out below that where it is swelling up. The nurse practitioner (who was awesome by the way) said that it would take 4-6 weeks to heal and in that time it would turn lots of 'pretty' colors - so I plan to photo document the entire thing. A nice treat for all my readers (yes, all four of you - lol).

So that was my day yesterday. I am getting pretty decent at typing with 9 fingers instead of 10 and I am getting okay at not banging the darn thing on everything. I have never broken anything before so this is a novel experience for me. So I will keep posting updates. Enjoy the x-rays though! :)


Chelsea said...

I can't see it! I can only see the discoloring, but you need a side view to see the flattened-ness.

Sorry that probably didn't feel too great. Oh, and you transposed the letters in squashed!

Love you! Feel better. oh, and be more careful...

Shelton and Bethany said...

And you thought you only had FOUR readers..... I've already added you to my list.

Gopal said...

Hi Mandible,

My left hand middle finger tip got squashed last night and I found your useful blog looking for tips to alleviate the suffering!
How many days did you have to put up with the swollen, partly numb, tender, discolored and pretty painful finger tip?

exclusive_remedy said...

Well, I ended up having to wear a splint thing on it for a couple weeks which made it so it didn't really hurt, but it was swollen for a while. And then when I did take the splint off it was tender but not too bad. The worst part was that it hit just right so that my nail fell off and it took a couple months to re-grow a new nail. I'm sorry you had to squish your finger as well, it really sucks! I hope you don't lose your nail as well!

Gopal said...

Thanks a Ton, buddy. I'm worried about the dead cells and clot decaying inside after the antibiotics wore off. Two weeks is a lot of patience :-).