Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the Thirteenth

So, I have always considered the number 13 my lucky number. I am not sure why - I think it is because when I was in elementary school our intramural teams all had to make these huge posters. We were the Black Stallions and we won that year (I think). Anyway, the poster was pretty nice - it had a picture of a Black Stallion on it that we painted (I am pretty sure JR did the most of it - how strange we were on the same team eh?) and then all the names of the people on the team. And it was huge. To win the poster at the end of the year we all had to pick a number between 1 and 100 and whoever was the closest to whatever someone drew out of a hat got the poster. I picked 13 and won. Go me.

So, now when days like this roll around - Friday the 13th - I always think it is going to be my lucky day. It never really is of course. Not that I noticed. But it is never a really BAD day. It is usually just a day. But still, it makes me happy to think it is the 13th and a Friday. And I actually get tomorrow off! Woot. I have to work on Sunday (which sucks) but I get Sat off so that is nice. Maybe I will do something other than just sleep and read my book. We will see though. I kinda like reading and sleeping.

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