Friday, August 31, 2007

Pre-Three Day Weekend

So it is Friday and upcoming is a three day weekend - hooray! I am way excited to have a few days to relax. I was thinking about not answering my phone at all during the time off but that is a bad idea. But I will be checking my caller ID - haha. So I am over the stupid guy at work - he is a jerk. But apparently he is always a little bit unhappy so at least I know it isn't personal.

I am not really sure what else to write about - I kinda have no life. Well that is not true. I guess I have some kinda cool news - last weekend I met Mormon Royalty. On Sunday Elder Richard G. Scott came and gave a talk up near Portland somewhere to the young single adults and I met him afterwards. I even got my pic taken with him but I look really bad in it - so I will post it, but I have a little bit of photoshopping to do first. You know, red-eye removal and shiny-ness removal (it was ridiculously HOT in that building!) Other than that I have no life.

But I was thinking about something else that relates back to my Disney post. I was thinking about other movies that aren't Disney and I realized that if you really think about it almost all movies have the same effect as Disney movies. There is almost always a happy ending where things happen to work out just right, even if it is not what the characters thought they wanted, it turned out to be what the actually wanted deep down or needed. But life isn't like that. Sometimes in real life, the good guy doens't get the girl and bad guy does sometimes win. How many movies have you watched lately where things didn't turn out okay? There aren't too many! And I think that with all the hype about movies nowadays - lets face it everyone watches movies almost all the time. Honestly, if you don't know what to say to someone one of the first things you ask is "seen any good movies lately?" I just want to see a good movie where the bad guys win or everything else doesn't turn out okay.

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Chelsea said...

Okay, if you want a movie that doesn't end happy for the love interests, go see Becoming Jane. It's kind of depressing, but in a way that makes you think, "well...that was a bit more real to life"

hang in there, sister.