Tuesday, January 01, 2008


So, most often my New Years resolutions are like everyone else's - eat healthier, exercise more, blah blah blah! But no one (especially not me) ever stick to those resolutions for long, so I have decided to do something a little easier and a little more practical.

Floss more than I did last year. Which won't be hard because I suck at flossing my teeth. I hardly ever do. So I only have to do it like, 5 times to make it more than I did last year. And also, this resolution is good for my gum health. And easier than eating healthier or working out more. Blech! Wish me luck!

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Chelsea said...

you're hilarious. I think i'll make that my only resolution, too...actually, my 2nd. my first is to get knocked up.


Happy New Years! Give Ki an extra hug from me, please.