Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Klutziness

Okay, so lately everything I have said has been contradicted.
1) At work we had some regulations change and their reasoning in part was that there are sometimes animals in this hallway at work and I said "that's stupid, we almost never have animals running down the hall." Next day, I let an animal loose in the hall (but caught it very quickly).
2) Well, this one I can't really post details of, but I said "I am not afraid of being bitten" and then I was bitten about 10 minutes later (not hard but still)
3) My roommate has a scooter and I was taking it for a joy ride. She said "Don't crash it" and I said "no worries, I will be fine" Next thing you know the scooter and I are up on the sidewalk and I have some pretty good roadrash on my arm. With a nice bruise all around it too.

On the upside though, the roomie couldn't figure out why her horn wasn't working, but after the crash, the horn works fine. Just call me Ms. FixIt. Lol

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Chelsea said...

oh my gosh, that looks ridiculously painful. I saw the picture first and read #1 and assumed it was from chasing down an animal. Ha!

Anyways, hope that heals soon, Ms. Fix-it.

P.S. Ki cancelled coming for Thanksgiving (tests or some sordid details) so we're going to Utah instead. SAD!