Thursday, October 30, 2008

NaNoWriMo Characters

So, I have been working on getting ready for NaNoWriMo (which is national novel writing month if you don't know - you can find more stuff about it here)and one thing I have done is a bunch of character sketches for my novel. I also did a basic outline (which I may or may not follow - lol). Here are the character sketches.

Addison – FMC. Knows little to nothing about her life. Her abilities increase as she gains experience at things such as fighting and magic. Starts off with middle levels of strength, stamina, intelligence, and magic ability. As she goes throughout certain tasks these levels increase. Has 3 lives. Has a magical map that she can open and then magically transport herself to anyplace she has been. Bottom corner of map has stats and she can see her abilities increase.
Akuma – Baddie. Goal is to rule the world like a video game. All people are drones except a select few who adore him and 13 previously selected potential heroes. Addison is one potential hero.
Colbie – girl who also has a map and some coherency but not as much as Addison
Beck – boy who is head over heels for Addison. Can only say a few pre-approved phrases, but follows and helps as much as possible.
Kodagan – Akuma’s right hand man. Is put under a magical spell to follow Akuma. Has a problem with being a murderer (not a good trait for an evil henchman).
Manannan – old magic teacher whose loyalties are often called into question. Addison is never sure if he is on her side or not. Gives good advice most of the time … we think.
Plus various other townspeople and cityfolk.

Now I know you are all thinking this sounds kinda videogame-ish, but I will post excerpts and it will all make sense. It should be good. I am way excited. C'mon November!

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