Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Oopsie Doodle

I am planning on applying to Grad School, which is why I took the GRE the last time I posted anything on here. So I got my statement all written and some documents scanned in that I was planning to send to FSU and I went to their online app page and I was blocked out. What the heck? So I did a little scouting and it turns out that even though the deadline for their Grad program is Jan 15, the deadline for the Neuro Grad program was actually Dec 15. That doesn't explain to me why I was able to access the site up until Jan 3rd or something like that, but anyway, I was pretty sad. So I emailed the office and asked if there was any way I could still submit my application. They wrote me back and said that re-opening the online portal is a huge pain so if I sent them my stuff via email she would evaluate if I would be 'competitive' as an applicant. Then, if she thinks so they will go through the process of re-opening the portal and letting me submit it officially. This is good and bad I think. Bad because they will probably judge me more harshly since I missed the deadline and no one else did. Also bad because I will be associated with that now. Good though because it means they will tell me if they think I have a chance before I ever have to pay the fee. Yes! Also, they will know who I am. Is it true that all press is good press, even when applying to Grad School? I got in an app to Kansas State as well. Those were the only two I went for in the end. I don't think I will get in (which might be a bad attitude, but I know how competitive it is - esp now - OHSU is interviewing like 23 people!). So I am still pondering a 'plan B'. Judy wants me to go to Pitt but I am pretty sure that I will not do that - but I don't know what I WILL do so I need to do more thinking and praying. I hate deciding what to do with my life! Oh well I guess.

In other news I went to the dentist today and I got three compliments on my teeth from actual trained professionals. It was odd. I have had that before - when I was younger my dental hygenist asked me on 2 or 3 separate occasions if I had ever had braces. Today they asked if I whitened (no) and the dentist himself told me I have really nice teeth. Which is a weird compliment. It made me feel good, but it is not like I did anything to make them that way. They grew in straight all on their own! I guess they are probably white because I don't smoke or drink coffee, but my brother had really white teeth after doing both those things too, so I think it is just genes. It is like when people (read:strangers) tell me I have really pretty eyes. I say 'thanks' but really, I didn't do anything so I feel weird taking credit for something I didn't do. I think it is good I am not beautiful because if people told me all the time it would be really weird for me. I mean, I can look good - but that is when I do something to take what I have and make it look its best. Does that even make sense? Whatever.

Anyway, I am done. I keep going on tangets (at least in my brain). I keep thinking about random things like Florida. In one week from today we will be landing in Florida! One week from tomorrow we will be going to some Disney park and having the time of our lives in balmy weather! (Don't worry, I checked - their cold snap will be over by the time we get there!) And I am thinking about boys. I was thinking about the guy that I went on a 'date' with before the holidays and that I wouldn't mind going again. Adrianna and I even devised a plan to let him know I wouldn't mind without it being awkward (which I think worked - thanks Adrianna!) So, because my thoughts are wandering, and because I need to pee, I am going to go. I will keep you updated on the whole Grad School/Plan B thing!

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