Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pending Write-A-Thon!

So, I just want you all to know that NaNo is starting soon, and since it is on The List I guess I am participating. I am actually really excited about it - except I really don't have much of a plot so far. I guess tomorrow I will have to spend the day figuring out a plot for my NaNo. I do have an idea from a couple of years ago that I started and then never worked on that is kinda niggling in my brain a little, so I might do that. I thought I was going to use this dream I had as a plot, but I kinda lost love with that idea so ... we will see what I write about. Maybe I will write an autobiography. Haha! You all know how boring that would be eh? Okay, fine, I won't. :-P

In other news I finally got my acceptance and signed the final papers for my course I am taking to become a Health Care Aide. Took long enough, right? I hopefully will be getting books soon so I can start doing the actually work for it and taking the tests and all that stuff. Yay for working on another goal.

Today I went and learned about cruises at a local travel agent place and found out more about that too. That seems like it will be an awesome adventure and I am way excited. I will let you all know once we book things officially. But, just so you know, we will probably be doing the Eastern Caribbean in early Feb. Yay for vacation!

Of course before that happens I will be going on vacation to Portland in December. Some good friends are getting hitched so I am heading down to the wedding. That should also be fun - I miss all my Portland pals. And I like seeing people I like get married to each other :-D

That is about it for updates for me. I am still working on the goals thing, don't you fret or frown. Not that you were, I know you. One of these days I will make a flurry of updates about several things that I have accomplished! You'll see. Until then, stick with me! Love you guys! 

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