Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Cruise: Day 4 Sea Day

So, after the Bahamas we had a Sea Day. We didn't take as many pics this day as other days, so I will tell you about it and then I might be nice and post Day 5 today as well, just for you :D

So, after a late breakfast and a little bit of a stroll around the ship we did a bit of karaoke in the main lounge of the ship. 

Then we headed back to the room to look at the schedule of things to do and see what else was up for the day. That was where I took this random pic that I thought was fun.

Then we noticed that there was ice carving on the deck, so we got our stuff gathered up and went out there. These are a few pics of the deck. The ship in general had 3 pools, 9 hot-tubs, a water slide, bars, night clubs, comedy clubs, and tons of other stuff.

Here is the guy who did the ice carving. It is a carving of an eagle, but it is kinda hard to tell. Just know that it took him less than an hour (we only caught the end of it) and it was amazing.

Later we headed over to name-that-song which was a blast (sorry, you can't really tell in this pic what is going on, but this was the only pic we got of it). Just so you know, we did this several times while we were on this ship, and it was always a blast - we always made friends with the people around us and we learned a new slogan which was "I will never see these people ever again in my life, ever" and we basically gave ourselves permission to act like idiots because  no one could make fun of us later. 

That night we also went to the 5-star restaurant on deck. We didn't get any pics, but it was pretty cool. I think that in general I learned that fine-dining is not my thing, but it was fun to do once in a while. Then we saw our friends from the day before in the comedy club which was fun.

 That night our little animal was a scorpion. It was a great day. Relaxing and fun.

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Chelsea said...

This is amazing. You guys have great adventures. I'm very jealous!