Friday, April 08, 2005

final friday

Okay, so I am having the biggest dilemna ever! So, there is this guy that I am friends with that I also have a bit more interest in, but I don't want to do anything cause he is moving and I won't see him and I wouldn't do anything if he was staying either. But anyway, I was talking to my best friend/roommate the other day and she said she would pay me $20 to kiss him! I made the mistake of telling my boss this, and he said he would throw in $10 - then he told everyone at work and - well, let's just say the pot is up to $55! But the problem is I am a total chicken! I don't know what to do cause I am too scared, and I am scared to tell the guy about it because he might want to do it (which is scary) or he might not (which is scary). Bach! This is not the best thing to have to worry about right before finals.


smithfieldman said...

I think you should go for it! Who needs money when kissing is involved, it's just an added bonus.

brucecanbeatyouup said...

holy crap! man, that is like making many dollars an hour! that is so aweswome! Man, but then would a person who participates in a monetary interaction in exchange for dollars designated as a "lip hooker?" I think they should not. Do it!!!