Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fun Weekend!!

So this last weekend was really fun. First, on Friday I went with my cousin to Cabela's because they had people from bear world there and you could hold a little bear cub and get your picture taken. It was so great. So here is the picture of me with the cub. He was soooo cute and soft and I wanted to take him and make a break for it! But the problem was that there was lots of security ... blech. Also my scanner kinda sucks so my shirt really doesn't look that weird in real life (just in case you were wondering ... not that you were).

So then on Saturday a few of my friends and I went to the colorfest at the Hare Krishna temple near Salem. Then we met a few of our other friends there and we took this picture as we were waiting for them to burn the demon. What they do is that they have this little cultural program that has some dancing and then there is a little skit and then they burn a demon and throw colored flour everywhere. It was really cool! Here is a pic of us all colored. There are some pretty cool pics from above at the colorfest here.

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Chelsea and Ryan said...

you guys look awesome. I don't ever remembering that funness at the Llama Fests, but then again, I was allergic to everything and doped up on antihistamines.

Cute cute little bear. Too bad they don't stay that way, right? I think they should come up with a breed that has miniature bears and they stay that size forever (well, until they die at least).