Sunday, April 08, 2007

The deed is done ... mostly ...

Okay, so I have done it. I moved home. It was really good actually. I had my cleaning check Friday morning at 9 am (it turned out to be more like 9:45 because they had some sort of emergency) and then I left! I took a quick stop at Cabela's to say goodbye to my cousin who works there so I didn't really leave until about 10:30. Then I drove and drove and drove. I got to Great Falls around about 8:30 pm and all in all the weather was perfect for driving. It wasn't too hot nor too cold. Really nice. Then mom and I had some dinner and went to bed. The next morning we transferred all my junk from the rental car to her car. I was afraid it wouldn't fit but it actually fit great! Then we drove back to Canada. Another worry we had was that the line at the border to get into Canada would be long, but it wasn't too bad either. And I was very happy that they didn't ask for ID because I don't have my birth certificate at the moment since I applie for a passport and still haven't gotten it back. It was great. Then we got home and both my bros were here and so was Dallas' g/f Chelsea who is awesome. We said hi and then they all helped me bring my crap in the house. My room was full! But I put some in another room and now I can actually make it to the bed without killing myself.

Today, Easter, we visited again and then we made a very strange Easter dinner indeed - it was steak and shrimp and asparagus and ceasar's salad and pasta salad. Strange, but so very very good. I am still full and it has been several hours, but at the same time I can't wait until I am hungry again so I can have leftovers!

This has been good for me I think. I needed a change of scenery and I needed to do something different. It doesn't feel totally real yet, more like some kind of holiday except that I brought way more stuff than I would for holiday. I am still looking for a job, either in Calgary or Lethbridge, so I am doing the same thing I was in Utah - knitting and watching TV (only on less channels). I have to start getting things figured out tomorrow - the first thing being to get a job. After I do that I can find an apartment and get a new phone number and stuff. I don't want to unpack too many things so I am going to try to be quick about the job search so I don't have to.

That is all for now. I am almost done my next knitting project and when I am finished I will post some pictures. I do miss all my friends in Utah too - but it isn't that far away and I know this is what I needed to do. Wish me luck in the job search and if you have any leads let me know!

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Chelsea and Ryan said...

Good luck! I'm so glad you made it home safely. I bet there wasn't a long line because it was a holiday weekend. What a lucky girl you are.

I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a job now that the international status isn't going to be an issue. Keep us posted!

We did miss you yesterday, though. Marcus was like, what the heck.

Have a great day and good luck on the job search.