Friday, June 06, 2008

My Story

Well, I have been writing a story ... I have been working on it a long time actually. On and off, that is why it is only like, 11 pages long so far. Here is an excerpt:

"In her dream she was back in the gas station. The situation played through again. The man waved the gun in her face, she asked stupid questions, the police arrived. This time when he pointed the gun at the boy she made the decision – she screamed out “NO”. The man with the gun turned fluidly and pulled the trigger, as if he had planned to do that all along, and shot Lauren right in the face. In her dream she could feel the bullet shatter her cheekbone and penetrate her brain, but strangely, it didn’t hurt. She assumed that was because of the adrenaline. She saw the police bust in as the man pulled the trigger again. In her dream he only managed to squeeze off two shots, the second one ricocheting innocently off the metal magazine stand next to the young boy.

When Lauren woke up again she was confused. She remembered being shot in the face, but she still felt no pain. She reached her hands up and touched her cheek where the bullet had hit her. She could feel a scar where the bullet had entered. Lauren was suddenly very confused. How long had it been since the robbery? Did she imagine the boy dying? Did she imagine going home and seeing Joel? She sat up from where she laid and looked around. The room was familiar but she couldn’t place how she knew it. She stood and began to feel along the wall for a light switch. She finally found one and flipped it on. Finally she recognized the room she was in. This had been her bedroom when she was younger. This was the house her mother had died in."

Not the best, I know, but I think it is kinda fun. And I am having fun working on it. It takes my mind off all the stress that I am feeling about work and stuff like that. Just thought I would let you all know what is on my mind lately. :)


Chelsea said...

I really enjoyed this little excerpt from the mind of Mandi. You have a good story thus far! now you just need to get another 300 pages and then submit it for publishing and be prepared to have an editor mark it all up and spit out a polished story :)

Shelton and Bethany said...

When's the next installment?