Thursday, July 03, 2008

Red Cross

So, yesterday I got a letter from the American Red Cross (remember in my last post how I mentioned that I gave blood). Anywway, this letter I get says that on initial tests of my blood they show that I have antibodies for Hepatitis C Virus! Upon further testing they find, of course, that it is negative and I really don't have any antibodies for that. But, because of that one positive test result I can never give blood again! I think it is a bit stupid. I mean, it looks to me like they screwed up and now I am being punished! Well, I guess technically they are the ones not getting anymore blood from me, but still. It is frustrating. At least I have a good reason not to give blood now, eh? I would have been more worried it if was Herpes (because of work - no one think anything bad there!)


MY A.G.B. said...

FHEW! & what can you do? - I guess enjoy the time you have to not give blood....LOL!! :)

Ex3 said...

hmmm...interesting that you view not being able to be sat down and stuck with a needle a punishment.

Shara said...

That is awful, but ah well. Remember Bethany? She had an incorrect test result too and they won't let her donate again either. Completely unjust I say, but you are right, they are the ones that will be hurting from it. I would take your blood any day ( if it is the right type)