Thursday, August 13, 2009

Okay Then Mom

Well, I just got a nice little comment from my mom about how a couple of days ago I said I was going to post tomorrow, but then I didn't. So now I am posting. I am waiting for the next big event at work and thought I would do a small update. About yesterday. So basically, I came to work as per usual, and I waiting for a phone call in my office around 10am and my boss comes in a says she is getting ready for tomorrow blah blah, and also, weirdness, but her right butt hurts. Kinda like a pulled muscle. So she took some ibuprophen and thought it would go away in a day or two. I then got the call I was waiting for so off I went to do what I needed to do and about an hour and a half later I get paged on the overhead pager. I NEVER usually get paged, so I though 'oh no, this can't be good'. I call the number and it is my boss saying she can now barely walk. She went to the bathroom and it took her 10 minutes just to get her pants back on! And once I am done with what I am doing can I take her to the ER? Sure. So, around noon we head up to OHSU main campus to the ER. By about 3 o'clock she comes out with a perscription for some pretty good stuff and asks me if I will drive her to her house and drop her off, then if I will go and pick up the scripts for her. I do. I get home around 4:30. Oh man, what a crazy day. Seriously. And now the whole next week is hanging in the balance since the drugs didn't really help all that much and she still can barely walk. Great.

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