Saturday, August 29, 2009


So, ever since ... who the crap knows when I have been doing most of my banking online. I would say that most people my age do this. I only actually go in a bank maybe twice a year and even then that might be pushing it. I only write about 1 cheque a month and that is for more personal things than bills - like tithing. Also, I have been trying to convince my mom this is the way to go. It cuts down on your cheque usage and time spent at the bank. Also, it is nice for her since she lives in the middle of nowhere so she won't have to travel anywhere to pay bills and whatnot. And she could do it at midnight if she wanted! But has she listened to me for the last 10 years? No. Why would she? I have no idea what I am talking about. Besides that crazy internet isn't safe to enter banking information into.

Well, she signed up for online banking the other day and she thinks it is the greatest thing ever - probably even better than sliced bread! All I have to say is, Mom, maybe next time I make a suggestion to you like this you will listen to me!

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