Monday, August 30, 2010

Pics of San Fran!

Since Christy (Wheeler) asked so nicely here are some pics from our SF trip. If you want to see more go here.

This was the sign that was there when we got there. So cute of them to welcome us like that!

Us on the ferry from Oakland over to the city. Such a nice relaxing trip and beautiful weather.

Mmmm ... I don't usually like clam chowder but this was delicious! And in a yummy sourdough bread bowl to boot. Heaven!

Us with the cars at Pixar! So cool to take a tour there!

Us in front of the Golden Gate bridge. It was a bit foggy but it made for really cool pics.


Christy Wheeler said...

yay! Thanks :) I want to see the golden gate bridge someday! If you need any help with the bridal shower, you know who to call

Lex-a-roo said...

Sweet! looks like you guys had a blast.

Christina Munyan said...

Cute! I'm glad to see that you guys had a good time.