Friday, August 27, 2010

San Fran!

So last week Jasmine and I went on vacation to San Francisco to visit some friends and enjoy some time off. This is going to be the quick version of the things we did on our trip to San Fran.

Tues - Leave at about 7am. On the way we took a small detour on the way to SF so we could stop in Yuba for Costa Vida :D It was so amazing! Then we got to SF around 730pm or so and basically said 'hi guys' and then chatted for a bit and then crashed - driving all day makes for a long day.

Wed - In the morning we went in to the actual city of SF on the ferry and hit up Piers 39 and 41, the Ghirardelli square, ate some clam chowder in a real sourdough bread bowl (mmm). Then we took the ferry back and went home and we were exhausted.

Thurs - We had a tour and lunch at Pixar because the man of the family we were staying with works there. That was pretty cool. Then we went to the Oakland temple which is beautiful. Then on the Jelly Belly Factory where we got free samples and I bought (too many) 'Belly Flops'. I am basically going to be eating jelly belly's forever. Good thing they have many flavours!

Friday -We went into SF again but this time we drove across the Bay Bridge, which is awesome. Then we went back to Pier 39 where we went to this store called 'Del Sol' that sells stuff that changes color in the sunlight. We would have gone on Wed but we didn't realize where it was. So we did that and then had some fish and chips on the pier (more mmm). We drove around for a while after that and went up, and then down Lombard street, and we went to the Full House park (which is actually called Alamo Square Park fyi), and then we went to see the Golden Gate Bridge - and then we crossed it. Then we went to dinner that night with our friends. That night we also made our own mozzarella string cheese. It was so cool!

Sat - In the morning we went to the California Academy of Sciences which also pretty neat. They had all sorts of cool exhibits about different countries and they had a really neat rainforest dome which was fun. Then we met the fam we stayed with at Muir beach for lunch and we messed around there for a while. It was their baby's first time on the beach which was so fun. Then we tried to go to Muir woods but it was so crowded we just ended up taking a long drive around the area and then we left. That night we got a log and had a fire in their fireplace - not because it was cold, but because it was fun.

Sun - We left :( but we stopped at Costa Vida again which was yummy.

That was it. Now we are back and I am basically just spending my time trying to find a place to move, getting ready to move (my roommate got engaged!! Yay!) planning a bridal shower and also just trying to enjoy the rest of the summer. It has been busy. :D


molly said...

I love that you took a detour for costa vida - you girls are women after my own heart!!

Christy Wheeler said...

pictures? Sounds like it was fun!

Christy said...

I couldn't help but notice that your entry contained no mention of a certain short man by the name of Maxwell. Must have slipped your mind.

exclusive_remedy said...

Actually I didn't 'forget' Maxwell, I just wasn't sure how you guys would feel about me putting stuff about your kid on my blog so I intentionally left him out. That was also why I only put one pic of him on the next post - it was hard to restrain myself though!