Friday, October 22, 2010

Project Update

So, I finished making my dress. I will show you some pictures. This first one is just the dress on the hangar in my closet. (sorry for the terrible quality, as I mentioned before my camera is now officially dead so I had to take these on my phone :-/)
 This one is a pic of me IN the dress. It was right after church so my hair is all did nice and I have my shoes on. I kinda wish my roommate had been home to take it for me. Oh well.
 And this is just me playing around taking a picture of myself. It isn't too often I make myself all pretty so I figured I should capture a picture as proof that at one time I looked somewhat decent. lol.
Well, that's all for now. I am pretty much done my Halloween costume but I am not going to post pics until after I wear it for the party - so you will have to wait until almost November for that. And the knitting - well that is going to take a LOOOOOONNNGGG time. Don't hold your breath.


Chelsea said...

*big inappropriate whistle* You're looking good, hot stuff! I love your dress and I'm jealous of your mad skills.

The fabric is so cute and your hair is adorable that way! Pretty much, you look dang sexy.

Happy Friday!

Christy Wheeler said...

wow! You did such a great job! I am so intimidated by making clothes. You did a great job. And you are looking good!

exclusive_remedy said...

Oh, thanks you guys. *blushes* I guess I must have posted this just because I subconsciously wanted people to tell me I look good! And it worked, muahahaha! ;)

Christina Munyan said...

You are AWESOME!!!

Really...I am incredibly impressed. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents.