Saturday, October 16, 2010


So, I have gone almost a month without posting AGAIN! I suck. Actually, what I really need is a schtick. Something that I post about other than just my boring life - because when all I do is post about my boring life I go a long time between posts!! So I think for the next little while I am going to post about my projects that I work on. This has 2 purposes - one is so that I will post more often (hopefully) and the other is so I will actually work on my projects since I will know I need to post about them. I will start today off outlining what I am currently working on. (Pics will be hard to post of current projects because my camera is officially dead - but I can take crappy pics with my cell phone and upload those. Sorry.)

1) Halloween. I am making my costume. Last year our costumes were awesome and we won a costume contest (voted for by everyone who was at the party - closest I will ever come to winning a popularity contest!) 
So this year has to be good - we have to live up to quite a high standard now! But I think we have something good planned. I am done most of it, I just need my facial accessories and shoes.

2) Making a dress. My roommate has a sewing machine and I haven't found any clothes that I have liked in the stores lately so I am making a dress. It is looking a bit 50's-esque so far, but I like it. Also, I have no pattern and I am making up what I am doing as I go along, so we will see how it comes. But it is fun and it keeps me busy.

3) Knitting. I have many a knit projects going on currently - I am really good at starting something and being gung-ho about it for about 2 weeks and then my excitement fizzles out and I just kinda stop. But I plan on working on all those fizzled projects because, for one, I already have the materials purchased so it is cheap-as-free to do, and two is that I need to get them done!! I don't want them cluttering up my space anymore. I want to have room to put stuff for new projects! Also, knitting projects can make for good Christmas presents. Right now I am working on this thing for my bro's girlfriend. We were watching 'Be Cool' together many years ago and she mentioned she liked something that Uma Thurman's character was wearing and said I should make it for her. (You can't see it well in this pic, but it is this vest.)
 I bought yarn and tried to make a pattern (by mushing together a couple different patterns) and that didn't work. Recently I found a pattern that is almost perfect (I just need to add a hood and pockets which is way easy peasy!) so I am ripping out all the other stuff I have done and I am going to do that. I have a blanket I am making for another friend and I have a scarf I have been working on as well, not to mention a few other projects so I will keep you all updated on how these things come. Yay for projects!

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Chelsea said...

I think those costumes are freaking awesome. I can't wait to see this years'. Also,i wish you were here to teach me knitting. I never quite got the hang of it.