Friday, February 25, 2011

Blog Plans

So, as most of you know, I was lucky enough to be on vacation from the 14th to the 23rd of February (thanks again Mom, it was a blast). I had a great time and I did a lot of really cool things, and I saw a lot of amazing things and I know that if I try to post it all in one sitting you are going to hate me, and I am going to get annoyed by it and not do the whole thing justice, and nobody wants either of those things to happen. So instead, I am going to do it day by day. So for the next 10 days or so you will slowly learn about how my trip went. Yeah, that means I get to drag it out longer too! I will post a whole schwack of pics on facebook in the next couple of days so you can see them, but I am going to post some here that I don't post on there and I am going to explain stuff with the ones here. I was planning to do it everyday for the next however many, but I don't want to have the pressure to blog EVERY DAY because I know work is going to be crazy again, but I will try really hard to do it almost everyday. And of course, if anything exciting happens in my life in between there I will make sure and post that in between as well (don't worry, I am just throwing that in as a disclaimer, nothing exciting will happen in my life because nothing ever does! lol)

I will post the first one later today sometime. They are all going to be titled 'Costa Rica: Day #' even though day 1 and day 10 don't involve CR at all. And also, if you guys have any questions about anything that I post or if you just have questions or comments in general, then feel free to ask! Looking forward to sharing my vacation with you!

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