Monday, February 28, 2011

February 14th: Costa Rica Day 1

Well, I guess this is a bit of a tricky title since I never got to Costa Rica on Feb 14th, but still, that's what it is called. I had to fly to Calgary first because originally we thought that you would have had to fly out of Canada to get the deal for the all-inclusive trip. Anyway, later we realized that maybe I could have flown out of Portland straight to Costa Rica but we had already booked it all so there was no changing it.

So, back to the story. On Feb 14th I got up at about 430 in the morning to pack the last of the stuff I needed to pack and get to the airport on time for my flight which was at 7am. Jasmine, my amazing friend and roommate, also got up at this ridiculous time with me so she could shuttle me to the airport because she is a sweety (also I think that she was excited to get rid of me so she could use my bed while I was gone). Got to the airport and through security in good time. I then flew to SLC, was there for about an hour, and then on to Calgary.

I arrived in Calgary at around 1pm (which was actually a little earlier than we were supposed to land, which is amazing since the last couple times I had flown I got stuck overnight in the wrong city). Luckily, my Mom likes to be early for things so she was already waiting at the airport for me. We then went to pick up a few things we needed - snacks and stuff of that important nature. Then we went to eat at Moxie's so we could kill time before we could check in to the hotel. After eating (mmm, fries with gravy!) we checked in and I realized there was an awesome bathtub in the hotel room that we were staying in. It was HUGE - so I took a bath.

And it was an awesome bath! But then I remembered that I had forgotten something. Something important enough that I couldn't just not have it. I needed a contact case (at least it was something cheap!). So Mom and I ventured out again to pick that up. Then we got back - watched TV for a bit and were just lazy for a bit, and then we went to bed pretty early. Luckily I was super tired so it was easy for me to go to bed early, and I think because of working nights my Mom has trained herself to be able to sleep anytime she wants.

It was a pretty good day all in all. It was good to see my Mom and be able to catch up and get each other excited about the upcoming trip. It was also good to start the trip like that. It was VERY cold in Calgary, so it was even more glorious to think about how great it was going to be when we were in the hot hot sun in Costa Rica! Tune in tomorrow to see how day one in Costa Rica was ;) (I will try to make it tomorrow ...)

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Adrianna said...

fun fun! can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!