Tuesday, March 01, 2011

February 15th: Costa Rica Day 2

So one of the main reasons we stayed in Calgary overnight was because our flight out was RIDICULOUSLY early in the morning. Seriously. The flight left at 6am, so we had to be at the airport at 4am. See what I mean? RIDICULOUS. Anyway, we got up and got the airport at around 4 or 4:15, but that was the same time everyone was getting the airport for this flight (shocker eh?) so we ended up waiting in line. And then when we got to the front there were no seats left next to each other so we ended up sitting one in front of the other which was sad. It was my first time ever flying with my Mom and we didn't even get to sit next to each other. Oh well I guess, c'est la vie.

Anyway, we got on the plane and we got all settled and took off and then the first thing that they came around and offered, at 6:20 in the morning mind you, was wine. What the crap? Who drinks wine that early in the morning? I guess a lot of people since most of the people on the plane took it. Weird. I guess people figured "I am officially on vacation now so I can drink whenever I want". We also got breakfast on the plane which was nice since I was starving. It wasn't too bad considering it was plane food. The movies they showed were "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" and it had Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf in it.It looked pretty boring to me so I didn't watch it. That and I was tired. They also showed "Eat, Pray, Love" and that I did watch since I had kinda wanted to see it anyway.

We got in to Costa Rica and then had to wait in line for a long time to go through customs and all that stuff. And boy howdy was it HOT! This was expected, of course, but I was wearing jeans since it was cold in Calgary that morning so it was even more hot. Once we got outside we got checked into our hotel - they do it right there which was cool - and then we got on the bus which was air conditioned. Whew! Thank goodness for whoever invented air conditioning. This is a pic of us on the bus - the first photo we took in CR.

We then went to our resort which was about a half an hour drive from the airport on the bus. We got there and our room wasn't ready yet (not shocking since check-out for all the people who left was at noon and it was like 3 something) but we were starving so we went down to the 'snack bar' area and ate some food. Then we went to the beach and guess what we saw? That's right! We saw capuchins! On the first day! After we had been there only like 3 hours!

Aren't they cute? I think so too. And they came super close (if you can't tell). Then we went back up to the office to see what time the Edmonton bus was coming in. The guy we asked was the guy who usually drives the shuttle and he didn't know about the time that the bus came in. Then we went to our room for a bit and hung out for a while, then we decided to go down to the pool. We went out and caught the shuttle (let me just interject here that the resort we stayed at was on a giant hill with the office at the top and the pool/restaurant at the bottom and all the buildings in between. We were in building 1 so we were near the top. There was a shuttle that went by every 10 mins or so because of the hill. We took it a lot because Mom has bad knees and I am lazy). So on the way down the hill in the shuttle the driver asks Mom if she is waiting for her husband or something. She says no, we are waiting for a friend coming from Edmonton. He says that the Edmonton bus will get there in 20 mins. Mom says "Oh, that's good - we asked in the office and no one knew." That was when I had to interject "Mom - that's the guy you asked!" In her defense, we had only talked to him for a few minutes, and she was tired. I only knew it was the same guy because of two things - one was that I noticed his name was Jesus and I had never met anyone with that name before; and two was that he was cute. :D (don't worry, I have a pic of him later).

Anyway, we hung out by the pool for a few mins, but then since the Edmonton bus was coming we went back up to the office. Then we met Jess and she dropped her stuff in our room and we went to find her Mom. Find her we did. Then we tanned for a bit, then we ate and sat in the bar area for about 10 mins - then we went to bed. We were tired - we had gotten up early. It was a great start to the trip though - a no surprises plane ride and the hot hot sun.

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