Thursday, March 03, 2011

February 16th: Costa Rica Day 3

So I hate to say it, but looking back on Day 3 of the trip, it is actually pretty boring. We got up around 8 (I think ... I don't really remember) and went down to breakfast. I just want to mention here that the food at the resort we stayed at was pretty good almost all the time. They always had a variety of foods on the buffet - potatoes, meats, rice, beans, salads; anything you want basically. And then they always had the best fruit ever. And they had these loaves of fresh made bread every day that was to die for. Mmmm. Thinking about it now makes me drool :D The way it worked was that you could always go to the buffet, but they also had 2 restaurants on the property that you could go to once each - there was an Italian place and a Mexican place. To make sure you only went to each one once you had to make 'reservations'. Also, there was a dress code for the restaurants - basically it was semi-formal.

Anyway, after breakfast we went and claimed our spots by the pool. If you didn't do this early in the day all the lounge chairs would be taken and you would lose out. After claiming our spots we laid around for a while soaking in the rays and getting tons of Vitamin D. This was what the pool looked like that day.
From the spot where we waited for the shuttle to go back up to the room we could see this tree that was always full of awesome birds - like the one below.
That was pretty much all we did all day. We had lunch in the middle there somewhere which was tasty. That night there were these guys playing this cool instrument while we waited in line for dinner.
Also, every night they have different entertainment. On the 15th they had all sorts of dance numbers that were sort of traditional numbers they did some where the girls were in these huge awesome dresses and the guys wore these kinda old fashioned-y frontiersman outfits. In the number below it was a sort of tribal thing and it was GOOD.
Other than that we didn't do a whole lot. Hung out in the bar until it got late and then went to bed. A nice relaxing day all around.

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