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February 17th: Costa Rica Day 4

*Sorry that I have sucked it up at updating. I am posting several days today to make up for it :D

So I hate to say this, but reading about Day 4 might end up being a bit boring since we mostly did the exact same stuff that we did on Day 3. Yeah, that's right, we just laid around by the pool and tanned. We went up to the office to try to book an excursion or two on day 3 (I know, I didn't mention that part, but I didn't really think it was super important). Anyway, we got our wires crossed and ended up booking more excursions than we intended on different days than we had intended - but none of them were for day 4, so we still just got to lay around and get tanned/burned.

Yeah, so we got a different spot by the pool this day because Jessie mentioned that she wanted a spot that was a bit sunnier because on day 3 we were in a sorta shady spot (which was actually nice we realized later). Anyway, Mom and I got up, got spots, got breakfast, sat by the pool. We heard the howler monkeys down on the beach making crazy noises (I swear they sounded almost exactly like the TARDIS from Dr. Who) so we went to check them out.

Then we sat by the pool some more. Ate lunch. Sat some more. Kinda napped. Read a bit. It was a great day. We went up to the room to rest for a while out of the sun and to take a nap - I spent some time using a little sewing kit we bought so I could fix this bag I had brought with me (but I didn't have time to fix before we went) so I could use it for our trip the next day.

We had reservations to go to the Mexican restaurant that night at like 8:30pm or so. At some point we went up to the room and showered and actually put on some clothes that didn't involve a swimming suit so that we could go to dinner. Mom and I both realized we should have been a bit more diligent about our reapplications of the sunscreen during the day because we both had some pretty nice sunburns going on. We were both a bit splotchy because we had spray-on sunscreen, and although we put it on each other we kinda didn't do the best job of rubbing it in. Oh well. So when dressing for dinner I realized that my burn hurt too much to wear anything that was going to touch my burn too much - this included bra straps. Luckily the bra I brought has straps that come off easily so you can convert it - I only bought it because it was cheap at the time and figured I would never detach the straps. I was so glad that I had one that did that though. I ended up not even wearing a shirt with my sleeveless dress (which I usually do for modesty reasons) because it hurt so bad that a shirt just wouldn't cut it.
 Then we went to the Mexican restaurant for dinner and it was pretty darn tasty. The decor included a cactus with a sombrero on which was fun. We had a waiter take a pic of the four of us together at the table so we could remember the moment. It was a good dinner. :D One of the best moments being when our waiter came back with our drinks (or something like that, not long into the meal). He looks at me and says "I really like ... your face." I was like "Um, thank you?" because, really, how do you respond to that? Anyway, then he continued with "I think you are beautiful" to which I actually said "thank you" - and not just as as a question.

After dinner we went out to the bar area for a while, but we went to bed pretty early because laying in the sun all day can sure wear you out! (Seriously, you might think I am kidding here, but it is almost like getting mild heat stroke and you really do get tired!) Plus there was the whole shuttle stops running at 11 thing as well. And we had booked a trip to go see the 'Arenal Volcano' the next day and we had to be up at the lobby by 7:30 in the morning so we couldn't really sleep in too much. Although, I did get a picture of Jess feeding fries to some mipatchi's (I am not sure if that is the right spelling - and actually I just looked it up and I can't figure out what they are - maybe that is just the Spanish word for raccoon?) They are little raccoon-like guys who live in the area surrounding the resort. Actually, I think the staff hates that the stupid tourists feed them all the time because then they don't go away. But they were cute!

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Adrianna said...

I really like your face too :) Sounds like a fun vacation!