Saturday, April 02, 2011

February 22nd: Costa Rica Day 9

This was really only a half day, or less. We got up and had our last breakfast in Costa Rica and then we lounged by the pool for the last few minutes that we could. Soaked up the few remaining rays that were soakable. Took one last picture of the view.
 And then headed to the airport. We had a little food in the airport and then we had a long flight back. This is us all sad in the airport because we don't want to leave.
 But we did have a good time.
 This was taken in Panama - we were there for about an hour and a half, just sitting in the plane on the tarmac. That still counts right?
 For anyone interested the movies in the flight on the way back were "You Again" and "Going the Distance" which managed to keep me sufficiently entertained.

Then we got back to Calgary and took a shuttle back to the hotel and pretty much crashed! It was a long day.

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