Saturday, April 02, 2011

February 23rd: Costa Rica Day 10

Mom and I got up around 10 or so to make sure we had time to get ready, re-pack and check out by 11. Calgary was even colder when compared with the glorious heat that was Costa Rica. We had to take a picture of the coldness.

Then we had a bite to eat (mmmm, fries with gravy!) and then Mom dropped me off at the airport again so I could head back to Portland via SLC. The return trip went off without a hitch and my lovely roomies met me at the airport. I chattered at them about how great it was all the way back to the apartment where I then commenced to show them pictures of all the stuff we did and gave them the stuff I got for them.

Even Oregon was mad I was gone - this is the weather I woke up to the next morning when I was headed to work. Blech. Luckily that was all melted by about noon, but still, rude!

And that is it. Now I have been back for a while and I miss it terribly. It was a great vacation and it was amazing to spend some time with my Mom as well. Thanks for sticking with me over the slowness of this recap. And hey, now I can do posts about other things again. Aren't you excited?

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Lex-a-roo said...

It looks like you had such a good time. I love how you went back and wrote about everything, it's a great idea so you remember as much as possible I really enjoyed reading about your trip.