Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cruise: Day 2

Unfortunately, this day was not as exciting as you would think. We woke up after a nice, long, well deserved sleep. We killed some time just sitting around in the hotel watching tv, getting ready and re-packing everything. We checked out of the hotel by noon and had them call us a cab so we could get to the port.

The problem was that there was a big race in Miami that day (a 10k maybe? I don't know) so when the cabbie got there and we told him where we wanted to go he said that it was crazy down by that area of town and he said we should wait an hour. He said he would come back for us and we needed to remember his face. As we stood there trying to figure out what to do for an hour he pulled back up and said traffic had cleared and we should be good to go. We got our crap in the cab and headed to the port.

 This is us waiting for the cab. Yay for being in Miami! It was so warm.

We got to the port and got all through the millions of lines they made us wait in. First check-in, then security, then to get our little on board card things (that was the way we identified ourselves, unlocked our room and paid for anything on the ship). Then we got on the ship. This is us right in the main lobby of the ship right after we boarded.

After sitting in the lobby for a bit we decided to go find our room. This is the view of Miami from our room while we were docked. So nice.

Then we realized we were hungry. So off we went to find some food. We ate that first lunch at Guy Fieri's Burger Joint. Then we explore the ship a bit. Ship sailed at 4pm that day - goodbye Miami! We were finally cruising. We went to this one bar where they were having karaoke where you sing with a live band. I wanted to do it, but I was too chicken, so instead we just watched. It was fun though.

When we went to go to bed that night we found this little guy in our room!

Goodnight Glory! Tomorrow - Nassau, Bahamas!

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