Wednesday, May 02, 2007


So, recently I had my graduation ceremonies from BYU and it was a lot of fun. On Thursday we had the commencement ceremony and we had to go a whole two hours early for security clearance because Dick Cheney was speaking. I was a little miffed at having to go so early and sit there forever, but I am really glad I did. It was a great time. I got to visit with my best bud Christina (in the pic with me above) and then we got to listen to a few really good speeches. The valedictorian speech was way good and then Dick Cheney was way good too (you can watch the speech here). I am so glad I went. Then on Friday we had to walking ceremony. This is when we all got to accept our little diploma holders and watch another few speakers (a little more boring than the previous day's, but still good). All in all it was a good few days in Utah. We are back now and it is over, but I enjoyed visiting as many friends and family members as I could. I have more pics I was going to post but I am having trouble loading them, so I will later. Also, my sweater is finally finished, but seeing as I am having problems loading pics I will have to post those later too. Oh well.

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Chelsea and Ryan said...

Hey canadian,

How'd your interviews go? I can't wait to hear (on both accounts) what you thought and how you think they went and if you'll have a new job to report to soon.

Oh, so Ryan's been looking at Grad schools again and he threw out McGill over in Montreal. If it weren't so confusing to figure out how we could buy a house there and what we'd need to do, we'd seriously consider...our kids would be born canadians....french canadians, at that...

but since there are other options stateside, we'll explore those first.

Okay, time for sleepy. let us know!!