Sunday, November 16, 2008

Finishing What You Started

So, first I want to mention that this is my 100th post! Yay! That is quite a milestone. For me at least.

Also, I want to talk more about my story. It is going pretty good. I am a little behind. I am only at 20,000 words (give or take a few) right now and it is the 16th (gulp) but I am going to work on it again after I post and then potty. (not that you wanted to know that but ... whatev). My roommate said that she thinks I am not going to finish. I get why she said that - I do have a track record of not finishing things I start. I have about 10 unfinished knitting projects sitting at various places in my house, not to mention every other story that I have written has only been a half of a story. Also, I keep saying things like "I am going to take the GRE" and "I am going to apply to grad school" and I don't even do that. So, based on that, I really don't finish stuff, and I can see why she said I wouldn't finish this. But, that comment just makes me want to do it even more. To prove her wrong and to prove to myself that when I really want to I CAN finish something.

Also, I posted an excerpt on Facebook. If you want to read it go there. If you don't have a facebook profile, you should get one! Or I will just post an excerpt on here later. Hopefully today sometime. We will see.

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Lex-a-roo said...

I checked the facebook posting it was really good, I'm excited to see the finished product.