Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight and Excerpt

So, I went to a midnight showing of Twilight last night and it was good. I wouldn't say it was the best movie ever, and it was kinda cheesy at parts (but so is the book if you read it lol that is why I love it!) but I thought overall it was good.

Also, here is an excerpt from my NaNo novel:
“You coming this way?” Kodagan asked.
“Yeah. Do you know where we - I can cross?” she almost forgot she was alone and briefly worried about her companions.
“Keep walking this way, in a few minutes you will come across some rocks you can use to cross.”
Sure enough, he was right. Soon there were some large, flat, dry rocks placed perfect distance apart from each other all the way across the river. Addison adjusted her bag and made to jump for the first one.
“Wait!” Kodagan yelled from the opposing shore.
She stopped herself so hard that she fell over backwards. She stood, glad that he was on the opposite shore from her so he couldn’t see how red her face was. “What?” she asked after regaining her composure.
“The rocks, they start sinking as soon as you are on them, so you have to go fast or else the river will wash you away. And don’t miss either,” he counseled.
“Great,” she said sarcastically. “As if this wasn’t hard enough anyway.”
“You can do it!” he encouraged.
She raised her eyes skeptically and then prepared herself to jump again.
The first one was easy, it was more of a step than a jump. The second was about the same. She was so quick at these ones that she didn’t even notice them start to sink when she was on them. The third one was a bit further away, but just a little. The fourth was again a bit further away – so far that she had to stop for a minute on rock three and really prepare herself for the jump and this time she did notice the rock she was on begin to sink before her feet both left it. It was the same for rocks four, five and six. Seven and eight were pretty close again, probably to give her a reprieve before nine, which was further than any of the rest had been. She started at the very back of rock eight which she was on and did a little running intro before jumping onto rock nine. Once there she saw how far away Kodagan still was on the shore.
The distance looked so far that she even said “Oh no!” out loud.
“You can do it!” Kodagan assured her. “Come on!”
Addison took a few quick breaths, stood as far back as she could and took a running leap towards the far shore. As soon as her feet left the rock (which was very low) she imagined herself making the leap with distance to spare. Her magic combined with her physical strength worked together and she made it easily across the last bit of river.
“Looks like someone has improved a lot,” Kodagan said, smiling at her crookedly.
Addison was so ecstatic at making the seemingly impossible leap that she threw her arms around him and hugged him tight. She inhaled his smell and felt his chest under her cheek and almost lost herself in his arms. Then she realized what she was doing and pulled away quickly, embarrassed again.
“How are you okay?” she asked, trying to distract them both from her embarrassment.
“That is an odd question,” he laughed at her.
“I know, I just … thought you had been … caught. And you didn’t meet me,” she said, trying to not look to hurt.
“I know, I feel really bad about that. I was caught,” he said simply.
Addison waited for him to continue and when he didn’t she prodded him with “but then…?”
His face darkened for a brief moment. “I escaped, but it took a little longer than I thought. And by then you were gone.” He explained.
If she hadn’t seen the flash of something else first she might have believed him. “Oh,” she said. He could tell she didn’t believe him. “I am glad you are here now though.”
His face darkened again, ”I’m sorry.”
“Wh-“ she started but before she could even ask she felt a blow in her abdomen. She looked down, shocked, and saw a dagger sticking out of her.
“For that,” he whispered and swallowed hard. The look on his face was that of pure pain and self-hatred before he pulled the dagger out of her gut and pushed her backwards into the river.


Chelsea said...

ha! you must have been commenting as I made my post on Twilight. Here's why it's lame: music selection throughout the first 3/4 of the movie. Only at and after the baseball game was the music any good. Before then, I thought the movie music/soundtrack would be suitable for LifeTime Television. The piano/guitar music added WAY too much to the cheesiness. It potentially could have been much better had the music been different.

What I DID like about the movie is that you didn't have to suffer through Bella saying, Edward is so breathtakingly handsome/gorgeous/delicious like you had to in the book. I wonder if they'll combine books 2 and 3 into one movie. That would make the most sense since most of book 2 is a pity party, right?

Christina Munyan said...

The excerpt definitely leaves you wanting more. Good job!