Saturday, November 29, 2008


I actually like my MC more now after writing about her for so long. And I have been trying to do one final push to finish by tomorrow and I just had a realization about what has to happen that in all likeliness is going to kill her off. I am so sad I almost want to stop writing! I don't want to kill her but I don't know how I can save her and not have the story end up really stupid. Grr. The only thing keeping me writing are these two things 1) I might find a way to not do it; and 2) my roommate promised to take me to lunch at this really great restaurant if I finished my goal. It is so sad that I am so motivated by food, but there it is. Deal with it.

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Matt Munyan said...

Since your book is a video game, why not just make a way for the MC to get an extra life (maybe she happens to have gained over 1,000,000 points and gets a bonus life or something?) That happens in tons of video games. I mean, she already has 3 lives, right?