Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Outlook

Okay, the thing is, I am sick of my attitude and mood as much as you guys are. And I just read the comments left to me after my last post, and I am turning over a new leaf. My friend Christina always somehow seems to know what to say that I need to hear, and her comment was what I needed to hear. First I just want to say that I didn't mean that I didn't think anyone else ever really felt like they will never get married, but sometimes people don't really mean it. And to those who have felt it and meant it ... I guess the older I get the more I think those feelings intensify. But, of course, like all things it gets stronger and weaker depending on the day and the mood I am in and all that jazz.

Secondly I want to talk about my new outlook. Christina is right, I can't expect some guy to just come sweep me off my feet. This is the 21st century. Not to mention I think men have just as many self-confidence issues as women. So I am going to make sure I get to know everyone in my sphere - of course, this mostly includes people in the Ward, but it also includes anyone in my realm of contact. It is something I feel like I should do anyway - I was talking to my visiting teachers the other day about how when I first went to a singles ward I was so scared and this girl came and sat by me and was super nice. I think that we don't realize sometimes how much it will mean to someone else just to say hi and sit by them. Also, I like getting to know new people. That was one of the reasons I usually didn't stay in the same ward more than one year in college. Since I can't just move 2 blocks and be in a different ward I guess I am going to have to get my fill of new people a different way. So I am going to try hard to make sure I know everyone.

And I am going to update my progress here. Every time I go somewhere fun or do something with a group of people (more people than just the same ones I see all the time) then I will post about it here and I will make sure I update everyone on my success at fulfilling my new outlook. Thanks for all your love and support everyone who reads this. I am glad you are in my life and that you don't let me stay in the dumps when you find me there!


Christy Wheeler said...

This post makes me really happy. I read your post yesterday and couldn't quite find the right words. I am glad that your friend found them though. I anxiously await the posts to come :)

Adrianna said...

Ditto what Christy said. You rock!!! And if you don't follow up I will just ask you :)

Matt Munyan said...

Hey Mandi,
I'll just echo one of the thoughts that you had put in your post. Guys really do lack a lot of confidence when it comes to approaching women. A lot of us meet girls and don't necessarily have opinions on them right away.

You hear about love at first sight, but I've met very few people who have known at first meeting that they met their future spouse. I think the majority of men (well, lds men at least) meet girls and don't have strong opinions about them. We might be more attracted to one or another, but unless it's a strong enough opinion we won't do anything about it.

Just personally, I thought Christina was a nice girl and all but I probably wouldn't have asked her out for a long time if I hadn't known she was interested in me. It's a two way street of course, I was trying to be outgoing and friendly and learning about her, but she would have graduated and left the state long before I would have asked her out.

Instead, it has worked out really well for us since she made it easy for me. Within a pretty short time she went from a girl I just met to someone I really wanted to spend time with. I bet if you take the extra step to be outgoing and open with people it will pay off big time.

exclusive_remedy said...

Thanks again guys. And thanks Matt. It is really good to hear the perspective of a guy once in a while - I have assumptions about how guys feel, but I am never really sure. Thanks for the confirmation some of my ideas are right.