Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ugh ... Sickness

So, I make this great new goal to be better at life, and then ... I get sick. Bleurgh. I NEVER get sick, so this is totally weird. Yesterday I had the day off and so I spent the day being girly and fun with Jasmine - we got mani/pedi's and went shopping and stuff. Then I got all ready for FHE and we went to that. I didn't feel awesome - my throat was kinda sore all day and my tummy was a bit swirly (does that make sense?) feeling, so I didn't participate in the v-ball/b-ball fun they were having. Also, I did my vt and that was good. I like my companion and I like the girls I teach so that is always good. We are doing one of the other girls tomorrow night and the other one on Sunday (I think - not totally sure about that one). Anyway, I also spent some time chatting with some people that I don't usually chat with. I didn't meet anyone I didn't know, but in looking around the room I think there were only like 2 people there who I didn't know anyway, and then they were gone by the time I was done with the vt anyway. I will make a note to introduce myself next time.

Then today I took off as well. I had 2 days off this week and I wasn't really sure which days I was going to take, but then since I was feeling all sicky I decided today would be a good day for the second one. I almost took Thursday but then changed my mind. My roommate was supposed to get her bridals done on Saturday (I am going with her to be her assistant) but then the photographer called and said that something came up and can they please change the date? He said Thurs would work or some other Sat. She didn't want to do the next Saturday because her fiance is in town that weekend so she thought Thurs - and I was like sure I have another day off coming anyway, I will just make it Thurs. But then she was like, wait I don't want to take a day off to do this - esp on such short notice. So now she doesn't know which day she will be doing them, but it worked out for me because I could take today off and not have to worry about getting Thurs off as well.

I am really weird when I get sick-ish (not so sick I am throwing up or anything, but just not feeling so hot) in that I like to clean. It is very odd, I know. But today I decided to tackle our kitchen floor. It has been forever since it was last cleaned - and that is not all my roommate's fault, but I feel like I am the only one that does it so I was kinda hoping someone else would do it. Whatever, finally I got too sick of it to leave it. It looks better, but it is still pretty bad. Gah. I hate it when I clean something and it doesn't look that good - I feel like a custodial failure! Oh well I guess. At least it looks better than before. If no one says anything about it though I think I will be utterly disenchanted. Meh.

Okay ... that is it for updates. Not a lot about the goal, but overall I think I am doing better emotionally. I am still filled with an impending sense of doom about my job/grad school, but there is nothing I can do about that but wait. And be patient (as we learned about in FHE yesterday). I still hate waiting.

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